Start Treatment
After your consultation visit, you’ll meet with Dr. Ko or Dr. Yoon to review your diagnostic findings & to confirm your treatment plan. Your treatment will begin during this visit — this may include the placement of your braces & spacers, or placement of your attachments and delivery of your first two Invisalign® trays.
What Next?

Periodic orthodontic visits are generally every 4-8 weeks. During these visits, we’ll check your progress, work on hygiene and make adjustments to your braces or appliances as needed. Please continue to practice excellent oral hygiene & maintain a healthy diet low in refined sugars. Please also continue to visit your dentist regularly (every 4-6 months) for your checkup & cleaning.


Once Dr. Ko or Dr. Yoon have your smile looking absolutely perfect, we’ll schedule you to come in for impressions.  The impressions are used to create a mold of your final smile so that the lab can make your custom retainer.  2 weeks later you’ll come back for the final removal of your braces & delivery of your retainers!


After finishing your orthodontic treatment, you’ll receive a pair of retainers to ensure that your teeth stay straight. Wearing your retainers is just as important as the active treatment stage. We encourage that you wear your retainers close to full-time for the first few months after the braces come off, then only at night-time thereafter.

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