Hawleys are still Hawleys are still our standard retainers, and a great option for the majority our standard retainers, and a great option for the majority of our patients.They last a lifetime if they are well maintained and taken care of.The front metal bow is adjustable, allowing the orthodontist to make small corrections to the alignment of your front teeth if needed.

They are easy to wear and remove, and our patients enjoy that they can custom design the color, pattern and text on their own personalized retainers.


Handle your retainers by the U-shaped hooks on the sides, rather than the front wire- which will cause distortion in the retainer over time.

Do not play with the retainer with your tongue- this will also cause distortion & prevent the retainer from seating correctly over time.

Retainers can warp in excessive heat: Please do not soak your retainers in hot water or keep them in a warm car or next to a hot oven/stove.

Keep your retainers away from your pets, they love to chew on them!


Cleaning your retainers regularly is important to keep plaque and bacteria from building up (and becoming smelly!). To clean your retainers simply rinse them under water and brush them gently with a toothbrush & a non-abrasive toothpaste as needed.

You can also purchase retainer cleaners from drugstores or from your orthodontist as needed.

Remember that retention is just as important as braces in keeping your smile beautiful and straight.

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