lingualbracesTri-Valley Orthodontics specializes in providing the most advanced, comfortable and aesthetic treatment options available.  Lingual braces are a revolutionary new way to straighten your teeth with optimal aesthetics and accuracy. These special braces are bonded to the back (lingual) surfaces of your teeth- allowing us to align your teeth with optimal mechanics of a bracket & wire system, but without any visibly bonded appliances or aligners.

For most candidates, treatment times are generally much shorter than with Invisalign, and the results are just as precise as with standard braces.  With lingual braces, the orthodontist does the work, and you simply show up for your appointments without having to worry about tracking and wearing your trays. Most patients get used to the lingual braces within a week.

Featured Brands


Harmony Braces

“Designed and patented by orthodontic experts, HARMONY is a unique, invisible, lingual system. The HARMONY bracket System is engineered to be small and smooth, which helps you adapt quickly and comfortably.

We utilize the Harmony system for candidates who need comprehensive orthodontic treatment, as these brackets are bonded from molar to molar. Retainers are included in treatment.  Dr. Ko or Dr. Yoon will determine if your case warrants the use of the full Harmony lingual braces after your initial consultation.


MTM® No•Trace System
This system of lingual braces is an effective and cost-efficient way for patients who have mild crowding or spacing issues. Lingual braces are placed only on the inside surfaces of your 6-8 anterior teeth to correct mild crowding, spacing or alignment issues. Retainers are included as a part of your treatment. Dr. Ko or Dr. Yoon will determine if you’re a candidate for the MTM system during your initial consultation.

Read more about if your case may qualify for the MTM system here.

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