Introducing the iTero 3D Digital Scanner

We’re committed to providing our patients with the absolute best in orthodontic and dental technology, both to enhance the patient experience and to deliver accurate, efficient results.  The iTero Intra-Oral Digital Scanning System elevates the level of care we’re able to provide our patients from start to finish. The iTero scanner is designed to take radiation-free digital scans of the your teeth eliminating the process of messy and uncomfortable impressions.

iTero & Your Orthodontic Treatment

The iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner enables us to take a precise 3D digital scan of the your teeth and bite, make adjustments in real time, and transmit the file wirelessly for processing.

Standard protocol is to create a study model at the start & finish of your orthodontic treatment – the iTero eliminates the need for those ooey gooey impressions to create these models. Creating a digital impression is a simple process during which we use digital scanner (wand) to create an accurate 3D image of your teeth & bite in 7 minutes or less.

During your appointment, we’ll use the iTero Scanner to digitally photograph your entire mouth. The iTero software collects the images and seamlessly pieces them together. Using the images, a digital map of your entire oral anatomy is created, including the teeth, gums, tongue, and surrounding soft tissues. Your personalized digital map is used to plan your custom orthodontic treatment plan ranging from braces to Invisalign.

iTero & Invisalign

The iTero 3D Digital Scanner allows for a mess-free, gag-free Invisalign experience.  It’s now even more convenient to be fitted for your custom clear aligners with iTero 3D digital scanning – ensuring that your trays will be meticulously fitted to your teeth.

The scanner allows for enriched precision and a more accurate model of the teeth eliminating the possibility of rejected models/impressions. With state-of-the-art imaging technology, Invisalign trays are delivered with greater accuracy.

Benefits of the iTero 3D Digital Scanner

  • Allows for a more pleasant & comfortable experience
  • Eliminates time-consuming and uncomfortable traditional impressions
  • Faster turnaround time for Invisalign aligners as the scan results can be uploaded immediately for processing
  • Uses digital technology which allows for immediate adjustments to create an accurate orthodontic scan
  • Increases patient’s comfort level by eliminating the goop and gagging with traditional impressions
  • More accurate impressions, which leads to better fitting Invisalign aligners
  • iTero allows us to simulate the outcome of a patient’s Invisalign treatment, providing a detailed visualization of how their teeth may look after treatment.


*You’ll be able to receive this digital scan instead of taking traditional impressions for Invisalign treatment, Invisalign retainers or refinements and start/finish study models.  If your case requires an appliance such as an expander or for Hawley or Essix retainers – a physical impression of your teeth will still be needed to create a custom fitted appliance.

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