Tri-Valley Orthodontics Clinical Spotlight: Headgear Treatment Before & After

The Headgear is an orthodontic appliance that works by holding the upper teeth & jaws back against excessive forward growth, correcting both a convex (full) profile & improper bite (Class II Malocclusion).

In many cases, wearing a headgear during early treatment can improve an overly convex profile, and correct a Class II Malocclusion (bite) early on thus creating room for proper eruption of the remaining teeth and alleviating crowding. In some cases these early corrections can in turn  help avoid the need for extractions of permanent teeth in the future.

Headgear is usually recommended while the patient is young, prior to their growth spurt (puberty), in order to take advantage of growth, and the fact that the jaw bones are still erupting into place. The headgear  can help guide the teeth and jaw bones into their new positions before they’ve settled.  (Below photos of patients at Tri-Valley Orthodontics pre and post-treatment)


While braces & Invisalign can move teeth within the jaw bone, neither is aimed at orthopedic correction (jaw movement) during a period of active growth.  The value of early treatment is that we can allow for improved positioning of the jaws & teeth to improve eruption of the remaining permanent teeth, and lessen treatment complexity & needs later in Phase II.

We generally recommend that our patients where their headgear after school and during sleep (between 12-14 hours daily) for optimal movement.  Learn more about Phase I (Early) Treatment here.

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