Tri-Valley Orthodontics Summer Photo Contest Results!

Hope your having an amazing summer so far! We hope you enjoyed the June Summer Photo Contest, and we enjoyed reading all of your entries for our June question, “What are you most excited for this summer?”  Thank you for your awesome participation!

Deana our Patient Coordinator did the honors of picking a random photo entry from the Photobooth iPad to win our Summer Prize Basket, and we also picked a random entry for June’s question to win 50 Patient Hub Points!  Make sure to check out all the other ways to get points towards prizes at (click on the Patient Hub link on the bottom left of the page).  Your points are redeemable for gift cards to a variety of places from Starbucks, Target, Vitality Bowls to Amazon and Wholefoods!

We picked a few of your entries to list on our blog, but really there were so many fun, funny and sweet entries – it sounds like you all are headed for a fun-filled busy summer :D!

Find out who won in our Video!  Enjoy 😀

June Question: “What Are You Most Excited for This Summer?”

I’m excited about going to new places -Daniel S


Warm Weather! -Denise C

I’m excited to have time to spend with friends -Jimmy V

Santa Cruz trip and playing with my dogs -Collin C

I’m excited to meet my aunt in India – Sarah

I’m most excited for preparing to go to middle school and more time to have playdates with my friends -Kaylin M

Sleeping and Running SKs – Kara L

NO SCHOOL! -Dominic

I’m excited for my Europe trip! and blue lagoon -Mindy L

Eating lots of ice cream! -Jayden

I’m excited to go to basketball camp! -Nathan Y

I’m excited to be able to sleep in and to go swimming -Caden T

I’m most excited to go to India to see the Taj Mahal -Shaurya

I’m most excited for my birthday in August 24th -Alexander W

I’m excited to go to portugal and spain on June 1 and in August going to new york!

I’m excited for my dad’s birthday -Stella

I’m most excited for not having school and swimming -Tiffany S

Swimming and lazy summer -Wanda

I’m excited for Hawaii and swimming! Katherine N

My birthday  -Ella

First time in Hawaii -Jaclyn

I’m excited to spend a lot of time swimming this summer! -Tristan

1.No late nights 2. Friends 3.early bedtime 4. BBQ 5. Camp 6.Earn Moolah -Reagan

This summer I’m excited for middle school! -Elizabeth T

I’m most excited for my sister to come home. -Eshani

Las vegas, grand canyon, my retreat and my birthday! -Amadea

Playing football and hanging out with friends – CJ

Going to swim classes and seeing all my friends at my afterschool -Eva

My birthday which is 2 days from writing this: 6/16/17 -Anthony

Going to LA on the 4th of July weekend! -Raza A

We are going to Hawaii!! -Justin

To see my family and eat my mother’s food -Roy

Summer nights and concerts -Tiffany F

Beach and travel -Megan E

Going to the pool -Aarav

Hanging out with friends:) -Kaitlin Y

I’m excited to go to Korean and travel with my family! Also to go to Boomers in July! -Christine

I’m excited about spending more time with my friends and family! -Alicia K

I’m excited to hang out with my friends -Shreya C

Our vacation to Pismo Beach!! – Maggie B

I’m excited for no school, homework, etc. Also staying home! Siddhant K

I’m excited for the sun and the fun -Sasha

Going to New York! Hudson

Going to Waterworld all the time! -Isaac

Going to see my cousins in Maryland – Axl

Going to my friend’s birthday party and going swimming! – Jennifer S

Hawaii!! – Hien

I’m excited to get more sleep -Ian

Going to summer school -Ryan

I’m excited for my trip to Portland and Korean -Jacob

We love creating a fun environment for our Patient Family. We host monthly in-office contests for our patients. Check out our blog at and our for updates! Tri-Valley Orthodontics is a family orthodontics practice serving San Ramon, Danville and the Tri-Valley area. We provide metal, clear ceramic and lingual braces, Invisalign, retainers and appliances. San Ramon Orthodontists Dr. Ko and Dr. Yoon provide comprehensive orthodontic care for children, teens & adults.

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