Happy Mother’s Day! Contest Winner & All of Your Lovely Entries!

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Our contest this month asked the question: “What do you love most about Mom?” We had you all add your entries at your visits with us,to enter for a chance to win our Mother’s Day prize, a $50 Spafinder Giftcard.

Congrats to Ammar for winning our Mother’s Day Contest!  Your Spafinder Giftcard for Mom will be waiting for you at your next visit.


We’ve listed some of your entries to our question: “What do you love most about Mom?”…

“Everything!” Donovan K

“She cares about me and how I do in activites, she’s always caring and puts a smile on my face. My mom is the most loving person in the world.” Mason C

“Her humor and her food :)”

“How she makes me smile and makes my dark and stormy days to sunny and happy days (she’s the best mom ever!!!) (Seriously!!!) Amadea K

“She is amazing” Collin C

“My mom is strong and independent. She can accomplish anything if she tries hard.” Ashley K

“She’s nice!” Maggie

“My mom cooks delicious food.” Jessica C

“How she sacrifices herself, going to work just to take care of me. How she cares so much for me, because she’s always there for me everyday.” Connor F

“I love how she keeps us in check and in line every single day.” Annie S

“She takes care of me.” Emily W

“She’s very caring” Edward L

“She takes care of me and supports me no matter what. She’s the best! Daniel L

“She never gives up, no matter how hard it is, she gets the job done.” Elise

“I love her kind heart” Taylor D

“She cooks yummy food for me and my brother.” Chloe L

“I like that she buys me toys and because she gives me food.” Taylor

“She gave me birth, and she loves loves loves me.” Elizabeth T

“Everything” Alex L

“She feeds me, takes care of me and loves me. My mom is so helpful to me in my life, and I have no idea what I would do without her.” Nia

“I love most about my mom is that we go to the movies and go eat sushi.” Ryan S

“What I love most about my mom is her mistakes.” Rahul V

“I love that my mom is kind and endlessly loving.” Anaya

“She’s really funny and caring.” Jordan C

“The wisdom that she passes on to her children, with all the love and dedication in her heart.” Karoline V

“She’s caring and makes great food.” Sungje P

“Her cooking” Gabby T

“My mom takes care of me, always pays me compliments, encourages me, seldom blames me.” Kelly L

“I love my mom always offering me help, even if I don’t need it.” Shreya C

“She helps me through my struggles and is always there for me.” CJ

“My mom is really strict, but I like that about herbecause she gets everything done with quality and efficiency so for that I look up to her.” Sophia K

“We love how much our mom cares about us, and of course her amazing dinners.” Joyce and Bryce W

“My mom is very pushy in a good way and pushes me towards my goal.” Jane Z

“Everything about my mom.” Yanni B

“My mom is the most amazing and caring individual that I know.” Cody N
“My mom supports me with school.” Renata

“She understands me” Max

“She’s always there for me in both the good ties and bad.” Sean L

“I love my mother’s kind heart and her amazing cookies.” DD

“What I love most about my mom is hard working she is and how much she loves me.” Marco


“She does stuff for me.” Nicole

“She loves us.” Maddie B

There were so many more lovely entries that we didn’t get a chance to type out, but thank you so much for entering!   And hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day this year

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