Read Across America, March Contest Winner!


Thank you for participating in Tri-Valley Orthodontics’ Read Across America March Contest!

This past month we asked you guys to answer the question “What’s Your Favorite Book and Why?” And we also had you guys guessing how many “bookworms” (gummy worms) were in the jar.

We loved reading all your favorite book entries (we definitely have a
bunch of smart cookies here :D), and we also had so many close guesses on the worm count. The total number of bookworms was 121!

 Our Book-worm guess winner was Rahul V. with a very close guess of 123 bookworms ~ Congrats! You’ll receive 50 Patient Hub Points on your card! 😀  “My favorite book is Eraqon by Christopher Paolini.”- Rahul V

All of us here at Tri-Valley Orthodontics love to read. Dr. Ko’s favorite book is Tuesdays with Morrie, and Dr. Yoon’s favorite book is The Last Lecture.  And this past month we loved hearing all about your favorite books!

Our Winner for our March Prize Basket was randomly drawn from the entries who answered the question: “What’s Your Favorite Book and Why?”

Congratulations to our winner~ Matson Lucas!

We’ll have your prize basket ready for you at your next visit at the office :D. 


“How to train your dragon, because it’s really cool.” Abigail Wyder 124 worms

“My favorite book is Rickenbaker. He was a World War 2 pilot. It’s my favorite book because he showed bravery.” Collin C

“Book: Wolves of the Beyond. This book tells how, when the humans are gone and the wolves are trying to survive.” Amanda W 275 worms

“The Girl I Used to Be, April Henry. Because it’s exciting and thrilling.” Alexa T -84 worms
“My favorite book is Period 8, because it is a detailed mystery and drama” -Khari 43 worms

“My favorite book series is Harry Potter because of all the excitements, adventure and a touch of magic!” -Neela V 75 worms

“My favorite book is Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit, because it’s about people living forever and about falling in love.” -Chaelin S 42 bookworms!

“Harry Potter because it’s magical!” Jillian L 250 worms

“My favorite book is Matched because it is very thought out.” Sarah M 36 worms

“Judy Moody because Judy is so funny! On her first day of school shewrites, I ate a shark.” -Kaitlyn K

“Favorite book Lord of the Flies, because we read it in class.” Claire B 105 worms

“My favorite book is Wonder, because it has some very descriptive passages and a deep message.” Marco E 54 worms

“Paper Towns is my favorite book because it’s about friends, finding each other on an adventure.”Michelle L 53 worms

“Favorite book: The Little Princess, because it’s very heartwarming book and I’d definitely read it again.” Esther K 215 worms

My favorite book is Magnus Chase, because it’s about friends but also about finding yourself in the best form. ” -Jerome 40 worms

“One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. because I love animals and there are lots of animals.” Giana G 60 worms

“My favorite book is Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse, because it has a lot of action.” -Caden T

“The Rig. It was a nice book with cool tech and kid that likes to break the rules.” -Matt W 333 worms

“My favorite story is Big Nate because its funny and there’s a lot of comedy.” Matthew L 273 worms

“Princess is fun because I like Princess.” -Hayley H 50 worms

“A Chinese history book, it’s fantastic!” Jessica C 270 worms
“Favorite book is Sisters & Smile, because it’s funny!” -Rachel O 135 worms

“My favorite book would be Harry Potter because it takes me to a different world and makes me forget about what’s going on in the real world. “Alejandra V 56 worms

‘My favorite book is The Giving Tree because it teaches kids of giving back.” Sam C -211 worms

“I don’t like green eggs and ham because I like Sam I Am. ” – Max

“Study Hall of Justice book because I like Super Heroes.” Logan -100 worms

“I liked the Book of Wonder because the perspective change was cool and I really enjoyed reading the ending.” Riley S -100 worms

“My favorite book is Eleanor and Park, because it’s very interesting and one of the main characters is Korean and I feel connection with that character.” -Eunice C

“How to train your dragon, is really cool.” Abigail Wyder 124 worms

“The Killing Joke! It makes me laugh and I love the story/plot. The 2 main characters are amazing. I look up to them in a strange way. They have an odd relationship.” -Madison M 🙂 85 worms

“Harry Potter, the book is full of mystery and magic” -Delaney K

“My favorite book is Wings of the Fire book, because it’s about a brother & sister trying to find the last brother.” -Daniel S

“A darker shade of magic – it has a surprising plot and overall nice underlying message.” -Rianna M 137 worms

“My favorite book is treasure hunters because I like mysteries.” -Conor 62 worms

“Cinder, the Lunar Chronicles – because I like dystopian and sci-fi books” -Kaylan S 57 worms

“Eerie Elementary, because it has mysteries, and I like mysteries.” -anonymous

  • “My favorite book is Iron Trial, because it has lots of action and magic, and makes me wonder what live would be like with magic.” Mason R

“OM-KAS toe by Kenneth Thomas. It’s about a Native American boy.” Ryan 85 worms

“My favorite book is the Outsiders, because I can relate to how the characters are.” Zach H. 101 worms

“Harry Potter because it is soooo magical.” Anabella R 64 worms

“Throne of Glass because it’s very unique.” Donovan K 90-100 worms

“Smile because Raina gets braces too!” Amadea 100 worms


“Favorite book: Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer.” Dominic G 53 worms

“My favorite book is the BFG.” Jayden 62 worms

“1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish.” Maia L 26 worms

“Dog days.” Nicky P 35 worms

“Favorite book is the Beauty and the Beast” Emma P 86 worms

‘Oh the places you’ll go.” Elaine P 50 worms

“Navigating Early.” Brandon S 175 worms

“Favorite book is Mockingjay” -Katherine N 55 worms

“The Fault in Our Stars.” Kaitlyn Y 65 worms

“Percy Jackson.” Desmond K 70 worms

“Diary of a wimpy kid” Andrew L

“Alhambra Waters.” Marc P 82 worms

“Junie B Jones and Ranger in Time Books.” Gabby L 200 worms

“Pegasus” Jaclyn  W 99 worms

“Diary of a wimpy kid.” Saanvy Desai 75 worms

“All of the Harry Potter Books.” Raquel V 75 worms

“Touch not the cat by Mary Stewart” Dawn K 184 worms

“The Wish by Gail Carson Levine.” Magdalen 184 worms

“The twilight saga.” Meagan E 100 worms

“The wild robot.” Dominic -58 worms

“Matilda.” Chloe L 60 worms

“Favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid double down.” Ashley C 62 worms

“No favorite book, just like a lot in general” -Aiden R 100 worms

“Green Eggs and Ham :D” -Ashley K 53 worms

“Guiness book of world records.” Elain L 52 worms

“Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.” Charlotte H 60 worms

“Dr. Seuss.” Ryleigh V 64 worms

“Favorite book is the Fault in Our Stars.” Bernice E 50 worms

“Land of stories is my favorite book” Evelyn 50 worms

“My favorite book is the Unwanteds” -anonymous 72 worms

“The Four Agreements.” -Caroline Y 45 worms

“The house of the scorpion.” -anonymous 212 worms


130 worms – Grace Park

Nicole H 100 worms

Mekiala E 58 worms

Jace W 115 worms

Brendan O 63 worms

Jane Z 124 worms

Ohum M -52 worms

Sumin L -50 worms

Damien E – 270-300 worms

Ana Y -50 worms

Matthew W – 45 worms

Erin Y – 78

Elizabeth T 100 worms

Taylor Y 125 worms

Abigail M – 81 worms

Tiffany -50 worms

199 -Issaac

Nathan Y -86 worms

Phil S – 37 worms

Ryan S – 86 worms

Jose S 39 worms

Henry Y 89 worms

Rithika Y 150 worms

Nicole L 63 worms

Marcus S 64 worms

Aarav S 70 worms


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