February Facebook Photo Challenge – What Makes You Smile? Winners announced! :)

Thank you to everyone who participated in our February Facebook Photo Challenge!
To see all the photos entries and download your own just go to our Facebook page at facebook.com/triortho!

We picked the winning photo randomly by scrolling through all the photos on the iPad without looking – check out our video to see who the winning photo was!  To the winner – please let us know when you’d like to pick up your giftbasket! 🙂

This month’s giftbasket included:

Target Giftcard

Sonicare Toothbrush

Daily Journal/Notebook

Ceramic mug

Hot chocolate mix

A few yummy treats to enjoy with your hot chocolate!

“My family, friends, and music, dancing, singing makes me smile – Chaelin

“My Dad makes me smile” – Daniel

The guesses for the Candy Heart Count were all over the map from 0 to 2000!  The actual number of hearts in the jar was 554 candy hearts – A big thank you to CJ and Peter for counting each and every heart in the jar!

The winner of our Candy Heart Count is Meghana with 556! William R. was a very close second with a guess of 543.  Great job to everyone :).  Meghana you’ll receive 50 Patient Rewards Hub Points for guessing the winning number!


We enjoyed reading all your entries, answering the question: What Makes You Smile? We’ve shared all the entries below for everyone to enjoy!

My friends & family make me smile! – Sarah

Dogs make me smile – Anthony

Playing legos, Surprise partys, video games – Pranav

Family and friends make me smile – Yumin

Smiling shows people your gratitude -Kristen

I smile when I do something good or when someone makes me laugh – Tyler

I like to smile because it makes people know that I’m happy – Collin

Koda Bear makes me smile – Shawn

My dance team and coach makes me smile 🙂 – Rianna

Reece’s Pieces – Evelyn

Corgis dressed as sushi…video games – Abigail

My friends & family – Esther

Happy people make me smile -Loreli

I smile to lift other people up and to make me happy – Reagan

Friends make me smile – Jacob

Laughing or something funny! – Shenonaa

Family makes me smile! and Batman – Madison

My family makes me smile 🙂 – Sasha

Because life is awesome! -Joy

Happy to smile! – Ping

Friends & Family – Annie

When I see my dad get home or when I get to play iPad -Farah

Hanging out with friends and family makes me smile a lot 🙂 -Rachel

Donuts make me smile – Hannah

Reading a good book! – Alicia

Close friends make me smile -Dillon

Friends that tell funny jokes and just be themselves – Tyler

I love to smile because it makes me happy – Renata

Winning in video games -Caden

Cute stuffed animals make me smile – Victoria

Juju makes me smile – Jesse

I smile because my smile is pretty! – Megan

My smile is prettier! – Bernice

Playing games makes me smile – Marcus

Being joyful makes me smile – Logan

Funny jokes – Hudson

Spending time with family in nature makes me smile -Jace

Food makes me smile! -Raven

The things that make me smile are singing, dancing, playing, gymnastics, art, math, family and friends

Funny animal videos make me smile -Manushri

Getting good grades in a difficult class makes me smile – Jenny

My girlfriend – Cody

My family makes me smile 🙂 – Catherine

Spending time with my family and friends – Jordan

Something Funny – Nia

Family, Friends, Books, anything that is funny – Amadea

My kids make me smile – Dawn

Cotton Candy makes me smile – Madelyn

My music makes me smile because it helps me get through this – Alejandra

I love my dob ginger makes me smile! -Raquel

The heir of Slytherin is coming! 🙂 Lorea

Cats make me smile – Kenneth

What makes me smile is when I know that people have come to know Christ, and they have been saved 🙂 -Lauren

What makes me smile is a big furry dog! – Bryce

Steph Curry makes me smile 🙂

My family, friends, and music, dancing, singing makes me smile – Chaelin

My dad makes me smile – Daniel

My family – Ella

My sweet loving husband – Taylor

Playing Video Games with my friends makes me smile! – Jimmy

Candy makes me smile – Ashley

Happy things make me smile – Nate

When friends tell jokes, it makes me smile – Grayson

Food makes me smile 🙂 – Valentina

Food – Edward

Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest, and we hope you had as much fun as we did!



The Tri-Valley Orthodontics Team 🙂

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