Your New Year’s Resolutions and Jan Prize Basket Winner!


Hope your New Year is off to an amazing start! Thank you so much for participating in this year’s NY Resolutions Contest with Toto the Turtle :D.  We enjoyed reading your entries and have listed them all below for you to enjoy as well!


By now you may have met Brittany our new Administrative Associate & RDA ~ she’s an
amazing addition to the Tri-Valley Orthodontics team :). Brittany randomly picked this year’s winner.

Congratulations to Gabriella L.!  Gabby’s resolution was: “To be a nice sister and a better friend”

Gabby let us know when you’d like to come by to pick up your prize basket ~ Enjoy the treats!


This year’s NY basket includes:

Sonicare toothbrush (if you already have one you can switch it out for a Waterpik)

$20 giftcard to Starbucks

Ceramic Travel Mug

Motivational Notebook and Agenda Clipboard

An assortment of our favorite healthy braces-friendly snacks


Your Resolutions! 😀
To do more yoga & meditation! -Nicole

To lose my tooth. -Hien

No cussing, no dark jokes, no fart jokes, no pizze, eat healthier, no redbull <- no promoting brands for free. – Anonymous

Floss daily -Brian

Get a mini workshop by the next year – Anonymous

Get my braces off! -Nathan

I think all schools should have science lab and free time – Emma

To get better grades and study harder on math – Ashley

Be nicer to my brother – Cindy

Finish as many books as I can (mainly Percy Jackson) -Tiffany

To start playing basketball and become good at it – Ammar

Drink 2 whole bottles of water 🙂 Janelle

Lose weight -Margaux

Sleep more… – Eric

Get all A’s in my classes this spring! -Mindy

Read all books by Rick Riordan -Caden

To exercise more. -Taylor

To exercise and workout more often -Jacob

Be quiet in public -Hayley

To become more responsible, understanding and to be acting more like a teenager. -Chaelin

Sleeping earlier – Heesul

Bee more open with my family – Kaylyn

Keep good grades – Tala

Turn in all my work ; Have confidence -Anonymous

To be kinder to others and work hard. become more determined. -Eunice

Get straighter teeth than last year – Chaelin

No lollypops for the year – Logan

To wake up fast! – Daniel

To have better luck in 2017 – Jenny

I want to accomplish 2 things – to have no broken braces and to improve in math -Pranav

To get these braces off! -Raven

To get good grades and accomplish a lot of things -Elise

To write more books. – Saanvy

Read a book a month – Phil

To get stronger and better at ice skating -Jane

To work harder and better at everything I do along with having better time management -Brandon

To get better at getting good grades ad not eating too much -Darian

Eat less candy and stop using the laptop all day -Esther

To get a 4.0 GPA in school -Sungje

To get better grades and to try to get my Arial -Madison

To be a better mom! -Cat

To not break my wires or brackets 😀 -Mason

To not procrastinate -Jordan

To learn a new language: French. – Anonymous

To keep my teeth healthy & clean. -Collin

To make double the amount I was making last year. Plus nice straight teeth – Anh

To get A’s and B’s this school semester -Maleah

To be good for the whole year -Anonymous

Eat more vegetables – Aara

To be nicer to my brother 🙂 -Kaitlyn

Do better in school and study/focus more in school -Alexa

Get better at soccer and school

Spend more time with my friends -Hannah

Be more productive -Sumin

To wear my rubber bands at every single opportunity – Marco

Get straight A’s in all of my classes -Knight

To travel more, start horseback riding, go to Disneyworld -Alessa

Finish an entire sketchbook 🙂 -Rachel

Floss every day  and have no cavities – Brennan

I want to be good to my parents -Stella

Eat faster -Saniya

I have a goal to have a great report on every time I check on my teeth -Rachel

Stop biting my nails -Renata

Be more pretty, kind smart, and brush my teeth better -Christine

Clean my room, be nicer to my sisters, obey mom and dad -Madie

To be diligent in my studies and go to the gym more! -Valentina

Good eating habits -John

Do good with College Apps -Jennifer

Become a black belt – Ryan

I want to eat more vegetable and become healthy -Preston

Do better in school -Matthew

Brushing my teeth everyday -Alexander

Don’t procrastinate and get my work done faster/full focus! -Ashley

Play football all 4 years and get into college football -Casey

To read 3 books in 1 month 🙂 -Ashely C

To work harder as a student and be a good girl -Amadea

To not procrastinate as much -Connor

Dean’s list Spring 17! #Goals

To be able to accomplish all of my bible reading in  year -Isabella

To be nicer to my sister and brother, and learn more at school. -Cara

Get good grades and finish semester well -Elaine

Stay healthy and do well in school -Ethan

To study harder in school and have straight A’s -Dominic


Try to have better time management with school and housework -Anumita

good grades -Marley

I want super powers -Justin

Get all straight a’s -Jennifer S

To be nice to sisters and stop teasing my family -Erin B

To keep being a good person -Ryan S

To brush my teeth better -Matthew F

Make more money -Carmen

Get an A in my English class -Jessica

To make 50 AR points in school -Giana

To make sure I can do simple things in life without getting reminded to do so -Tristan

More money, be kind, listen to people -Justin C

Be healthy and fit

Read to Farah every night -Joseph

Stop biting my nails -Delaney

To become a better person and become more fit -CJ

not to be tardy for the rest of the year -Farah

To learn how to cook -Thanh

To keep my room cleaner -Pooja

To learn more in school -Samara

To have better eating habits -Hannah

Wish my quiz and exams are all A’s!!! -Kelly

Hopefully get my teeth better -Kristen

Stay fit -Kendell

Balance work/life better. Spend less time working at home -Elaine

To learn to cook more in the kitchen -Kira

Eat more fruits and vegetables -Katherine H

Happy New Year’s to the Tri-Valley Orthodontics Family! -love Charlotte M

Giving up on candy, play harder in basketball, not spending money on uneccesary things, saving my money, work harder in school -Imara

To be more productive with my time -Sherri

Be more open-minded -Zach H

Run more, get all A’s -Kara L

Get better grades -Donovan

To become a nicer person this year -Ashely C

To practice violin 15 min each night -Bryce M

Get all A’s 🙂 -Max H

Be nice to my brother -Elizabeth T

To be a better person this year -Meagan E

To get good grades and be nicer to my sister -Bernice E

To make my family proud -Abigail


To get my new car! 🙂

To study harder and overall become a faster swimmer -Charlotte H

Read more books this year -Daniel L

Be more social -Delia

To have straighter teeth 🙂 -Sonia K

I want to have a happy life -Adrian

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